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The Rundown


So here is the Run Down:


When bhp imaging first opened it's doors an old friend gave me the advice, "Brian, spend time learning your stregths as a photographer, spend energy exploring them, and then spend your life pursuing them." I have always held that advice dear. Critically and introspectively exploring our world visually. It is with pure joy that BHP Imaging has decided to specialize in Wedding, Commercial, Music, and Fly Fishing (it was inevitable... really) Photography. 

I  am still of course able to craft beautiful family and senior portraits, but simply will keep the number of these sessions limited. 

Wedding Photography is about passion... it's about love and emotion. It is the perfect blend of photojournalism and portraiture lending itself well to my past and future as a photographer. I love wedding days. I love getting to know brides and grooms at the moment that their lives come together as one. Wedding photography is about growth to me. Every Saturday I go to another wedding, with the sole intention of creating the best images I have ever created. It is this drive that sets me apart from other photographer. I guarantee you images that are one of a kind, unique, and like nothing you've ever seen. I thrive on growth as a wedding photographer, I am constantly improving, constantly adapting, and always creatively capturing every little detail of your day.

Commercial Photography is about that "an image is worth a thousand words" idea. The photograph must contain not only a beautiful composition, spot on exposure, and highlight to shadow ratios, but also the entirety of your brand. Commercial photography is about your business, it's direction, and it's brand. Commercial photography is a visual problem I thrive on solving.


FAQ Wedding Photography

So let's tackle a few questions straight away...

Why should we chose BHP Imaging for your wedding day?

- We are young and energetic, and we love a Bride and Groom that are looking for something different, unique, and original. We will work harder than any other photographer to capture every moment of your wedding day beautifully, from the first puff of hairspray, to the last dance. We are truly passionate about what we do. Wedding Days bring pure joy to our hearts. We believe your wedding day is too special to leave it to an amateur. Remember that the only tangible thing left after your wedding day is images. It is paramount that you trust the photographer telling your story.

Brian is an internationally published in major publications and winner of several awards.

What is the first step?

- Swing on over to the "Get in Touch" page. Fill out the form fully and send it our way. We will be right back in touch with you about your day. Next we will schedule your complimentary bridal consultation. Coffee is on me!

How do we make sure you are our photographer?

- Your date can be held by a deposit of $1000. This guarantees that Brian and BHP's trusty second photographer will be at your wedding.

Can packages be modified?

- Major parts of the wedding day pricing is set but any prints or other products can be substituted, added, or subtracted. Please let us know what would make your package perfect! We will make it happen.


FAQ Commercial Photography


What is the first step?
- First contact Brian from the "Get in Touch" page or by calling the number below. Your project details will be needed. We will go through the project and I will send you a written quote that fits your needs specifically.

When should we schedule the shoot?

- This is up to you. We do encourage any outside shooting be done at sunrise or sunset for optimal light.

Can you help with locations, models, and styling?
- We certainly can. Simply ask and we will include these prices in your quote.



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