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Certified Professional Wedding Photography

Let's start with the basics. What does BHP Imaging do? In it's most simplistic form our job is to spend an incredibly important day with two people in love, capturing the moments that they experience. We love hearing your love stories, waking up early with you on your wedding day, and staying through the party. Seriously, we love it. The images crafted on your day are from a friend's perspective. It is our belief that you can only make truly personal images when the subjects are comfortable with the photographer. We aren't your normal fly-on-the-wall photographers. We work to build your trust and to make images representative of that. Let's get to know each other.

In case you were wondering, that Certified Professional Photographer part is pretty tough to get. There are just 7 in Wyoming, and less than 2000 in the United States. Brian received his certification through the Professional Photographers of America in 2011. Certification means that he will create beautiful images no matter what the conditions. It also means that we will not leave the posing up to you. Brian will help move you into the perfect pose for every image.

Certified Professional Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography encompasses anything from Professional Portraits, Custom Print Ad Images to Product Photography. Early in my career I began to drift towards Commercial Photography. My love of commercial photography comes from a love of stories. I suppose this is the connection between the two. Commercial Photography is about telling people a story they don't know they are hearing.

As 1 of 7 Certified Professional Photographers in Wyoming, Brian understands the intricacy of the technical aspect of photography. Specializing in this type of photography allows us to use these skills creatively for a desired response. Please view our list of clients (under the "Clients" tab) to find other companies who trust BHP to craft their images.