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BHP Imaging (Brian Harrington Photographic Imaging) began as a one man show. Brian and his camera against the world. We photographed everything (Families, Seniors, Kids, Sports, Weddings, Lifestyle, and Commercial). We have grown... changed... and specialized. It is our belief that specialization allows for greater creativity-specialization is crucial. BHP Imaging chose to specialize in Wedding and Commercial Photography (learn more about each below). BHP houses two photographers. Brian Harrington, 1 of 7 Certified Professionals Photographers in Wyoming, is head photographer and owner of BHP Imaging. He started photographing professional in 2009 and hasn't looked back. Chelsea Combe began working at BHP as an intern 2 years ago. She ventured off after her internship to other opportunities, but has since returned to BHP, this time as the 2nd photographer. Chelsea has a knack for great ideas - be ready for some great new things from BHP in the future.

Wedding Photography

Why Wedding Photography? We get asked all the time. Wedding photography can be stressful as a photographer and very few specialize in this genre... so the question remains... why wedding photography?

We love hanging out with people in love. It is as simple as that. We love hearing your love stories, waking up early with you on your wedding day, and staying through the party.  We just love it.

We photograph weddings for a story. Your story. We will join you at the salon as the first puffs of hairspray fly, and stick around until you can't stand another dance. We commit unlimited hours to your wedding day (without additional charge!) because we think it is important to not miss a moment. We want you to feel comfortable in front of our cameras, and with us. By starting in the morning with you getting ready, it allows you to get comfortable with the idea of there being a camera on you. These are also the most storied moments of your day. These moments, you are truly yourself, with your friends, being the two people who fell in love. Without these types of images you can't expect to fully tell your story.

We also believe in the idea of offering products that our customers want. We offer digital files with all of our packages, starting with 300 digital files in our introductory package! We struggled with the idea of digital files for a long time because we wanted our clients to have the best end product possible, and to be honest, most places you know of for photo printing aren't going to cut it. To remedy this we now sell digital files and offering our professional printing services at cost! Seriously... at cost! This includes traditional prints, canvases, metals, wood prints, and anything else you could want. We also will deliver your digital files in a custom wooden box with your image on the front on a wooden thumb drive.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography encompasses anything from Professional Portraits to Custom Print Ad Images to Product Photography. These images require a professional. The whole "an image is worth a thousand words" says it all. BHP is able to not just create an image, but will create and image by subtly writing those 1000 words to say just what you want.

Being 1 of 7 Certified Professional Photographers in Wyoming means that Brian understands the intricacy of the technical aspect of photography. Specializing in this type of photography allows us to use these skills creatively for a desired response. Please view our list of clients (under the "Clients" tab) to find other companies who trust BHP to craft their images.