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BHP imaging began as a one man show... Me and my camera against the world. Since it's early days bhp has always had the intention of growth and adding shooters and business folks... but who saw this amazing crew coming together. 2013 has been huge and we have all grown into a small photo family nicely. Give us a shout, we would love to be a part of your wedding day... seriously... we'd love it. 


I am Brian Harrington... A Professional Photographer, a Wyoming Native and a fly-fisherman. I sprouted up in the Northern part this fine square state between the Big Horn Mountains and 100 miles of nothing. I eventually made my way down to Laramie after my photo schooling. I think photography captivated me because of the technical aspect mixed so sweetly with creativity. It allows you to visually play constantly. I am 1 of 5 Certified Professional Photographers in Wyoming, and 1 of nearly 2000 nationally. My work focuses on a deliberate simplicity with a brush stroke of color that I believe reflects the Wyoming I call home. When I was in school I was that guy walking around the photo-lab saying "Man you'll never catch me shooting a wedding", five years later I can't imagine not being able to be a part of a young couples big day! 



I grew up sketching horses, painting wood, and shooting film with an old Canon A-1 in the suburbs of Minneapolis. After moving to the Black Hills of South Dakota I truly experienced the simplicity of the outdoors, and saw it as a giant canvas from which to draw inspiration. There are people,rivers, and light that reflect the most beautiful of images and MUST, in their essence, be captured. I went to school for Photographic Communications, and fell in love with the traditional film processes. I then drew upon my visual artistic background to include graphic design and videography. I am now working in the visual media field, doing everything from graphic and multimedia presentations to restoration of historical photographs. My passion for creating and exemplifying the natural beauty around me is only surpassed by my desire to experience what we have been blessed with. 


"Between making sure I don't lose my camera bag and crafting incredible light at a moments notice, Megan has been an incredible addition to bhp. She is my right hand and second shooter extraordinaire on all these beautiful weddings as well as our Family and Senior portrait shooter!" -bh

I was always raised as a Wyoming girl. I spent my childhood along the outskirts of the Black Hills and eventually moved to Casper, Wyoming. At a young age I found a true connection with movement, emotion, and the pure escape of nature. Dancing set my creativity on fire. My journey has led me to the University of Wyoming. I am now a business student with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and marketing. Surrounding myself in the outgoing Laramie community has been the perfect dose of motivation. Last fall I was hired on as an intern with BHP Imaging. Working with Brian in the world of photography has opened my heart. I has found clarity from focusing my creative efforts through this position. I will receive my bachelors in a year and then the sky is the limit. I know one thing for sure, creating images will never escape me.

- Chelsea

"When I began seeking an intern... well.... who would have guessed. Chelsea is awesome! She has helped develop a more consistant brand for bhp and has ushered bhp into it's current manifestation flawlessly." -bh

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